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Cherry Pop Film Festival excerpt in Zagreb.

Interviews after the screening at Ellipsis in Rotterdam.

Interviwers after the screening at Fish & Chips Erotic Film Festival in Turin.

Gestalta, one of the main contributors to the film, on seeing it for the for the first time.


The Entangled Humans gathered last night to view the The Pleasure of Rope, the 2015 documentary by award-winning film maker and artist Bob Bentley. We viewed the extended version.

This is a remarkable documentary. It was filmed from the perspective of an intrigued outsider, yet it dives deeply into the Japanese and international scenes during the four-year period between 2010 and 2014. There are fascinating appearances and interviews with well known English-speaking rope personalities, e.g. @esinem@midori@osadasteve@gestalta@wykd_dave@clover@gorgone, just to name a few.

This inspired and inspiring, documentary should be required viewing for anyone wanting insight into the culture of Japanese-influenced rope bondage. It is a snapshot of the rope scene as it was evolving between 2010 and 2014. The emphasis is on erotic performance-art, but there are excursions into psychological and sexual aspects of rope, as well as fascinating interviews with well known Kinbaku personalities.

To be sure, this documentary has been around for a while and is well known in the rope community, but I just discovered it. It comes in a few different versions and formats. All can be found on Bob Bentley's UK web site. A few things to be aware of before you order: First, the PayPal links aren’t set up as a PayPal shop (Bentley tells me this is because PayPal won’t process adult content). Second, the DVDs are formatted in the European standard (PAL), so they will not play on most DVD players in the USA (which play NTSC formatted DVDs). I played mine through my laptop. Finally, I have no connection to Bob Bentley beyond having found his site, exchanged a few emails, and purchased the DVDs. I’m posting this in the spirit of supporting the arts and those of us who are relatively new to the rope community.

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                 By En on January 04, 2022


This documentary offers a really comprehensive dive into the ethos of kinbaku. Having just dipped my toes in this, I found the scene to be much more developed and experimental than I thought. It was especially interesting to see modern spins on the practice, especially the last segment where the director introduces female on female kinbaku practitioners who strive to achieve greater fluidity and interchangeability between the usual sub/dom roles during their performances. It was also interesting to see healthy interactions between the riggers and rope bottoms outside of the craft. While I could only found this available for rental and purchase, the perk is that this documentary contains footages of some extremely riveting live performances that are otherwise hard to access. It takes great effort in melding together different practitioners’ perspectives on the artform to formulate an effective non-linear narrative - one that takes the viewer on a visual and sentimental trip across the variances of kinbaku.


                       Excellent documentary-style presentation of a lifestyle/hobby

By Amazon Customer on February 2018 

This 3-DVD set examines bondage/shibari/kinbaku practitioners in a multifaceted format--public performances, behind the scenes, artistry of the lifestyle. Don't purchase this thinking that it is a how-to video, but rather a description of the how and why people choose and relish shibari. This format is an expanded version of other available videos with the same title. A fascinating presentation on the thoughts of both tops and bottoms and why they find this pastime enjoyable--and why you might or might not.

                       Intriguing and memorable

By Amazon Customer on December 1, 2017


Absolutely fascinating, and with made with clear and thoughtful attention to the inner lives of the individuals interviewed, especially women. One critique I have is the film's bias towards interviewing non-Japanese ("Western") practitioners-- it would have been great to hear directly from several of the Japanese individuals shown on-screen, such

as through subtitled interviews. Other than that, I found this

a great watch. Uncomfortable at times (the chest bondage in one scene looks seriously painful), but in a way that made me want to learn more and understand more about these individuals and their experiences with rope. At no point did the film feel lascivious or pornographic, although the sensuality in several scenes is quite palpable (in a good way). Nicely done.

                      Excellent introduction to the rope bondage

By Amazon Customer on December 30, 2016


Good attention to the details, history, done in full respect of the participants and the practice. Would absolutely recommend.

                      An unique insight into shibari

By Amazon Customer on November 6, 2016

A very thorough behind the scenes look at the shibari (Japanese rope bondage) scene.

It explores the growing fascination with this art, interviewing western practitioners and the Japanese masters who inspire and teach them.  

It will totally change your mental image of bondage and articulately explain the many reasons people do it.



By IMDb Reviewer on October 30, 2016


I don't know anything about rope bondage other than I think it's visually fascinating. For me this film was a bit of information overload, but I couldn't stop watching it to the very end. I would say that speaks to the job well done by the crew that even a know-nothing about the subject like myself was captivated by the content. 

I think my favorite part was the scene that was created in the shop window in the middle of the day and people passing by would stop to look. That to me was a thrilling concept and it was entertaining to watch some of the reactions. If you have any interest whatsoever in rope bondage, I highly recommend watching this film.

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